Plunges hospital is a modern and state-of-the-art medical institution.
Plunges hospital is a successful district medical centre, which serves the people of the districts of Rietavas and Plunge. The primary strategic goal is to improve the health of the residents of Lithuania, reduce the morbidity and mortality, and contribute to a healthy culture.
The hospital provides ambulatory care and various secondary level inpatient and acute services, such as internal medicine, neurology, various surgical specialities including day surgery, also trauma and orthopaedics, ENT, gynaecology, paediatrics, and intensive care.
Plunges Hospital has a pharmacy, as well as round the clock access to a certified clinical diagnostics lab. People with musculoskeletal or neurological injuries are offered secondary level outpatient and rehabilitation services, which take place in a newly renovated outpatient clinic.
The hospital serves 55 000 people from the municipalities of Plunge and Rietavas and has 182 inpatient beds. It is the home of 380 members of staff, including 64 doctors.
The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, which includes full-colour ultrasound, endoscopic equipment for gastroenterology or colorectal investigations, X-ray, CT and MRI scanners. The intensive care is equipped with a centralized monitoring system. The hospital’s surgeons have access to mobile x-ray, laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgical equipment.
Our vision is to be an optimal, multidisciplinary, modern and constantly updating hospital which has the trust of the people it serves.
Our primary goal is to fulfil the need for and to concentrate vital services for the population of our region. We endeavour to go about this in the most effective and economical way we can, which is by expanding the so-called strategic services, such as – short-term patient observation, day surgery, outpatient treatment and rehabilitation. These services have been actively developed for several years. It has brought positive financial results for the hospital, and was positively received by the patients.

Contact information

J. Tumo-Vaižganto st. 89, Plungė

8 448 73260

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